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AHA CPR/First Aid Programs
Register one or more students

AHA has partnered up with OSHA to ensure compliant certification!

Request onsite Adult CPR w First Aid for a 6 student minimum fee at $75./pp plus a delivery fee

or enroll one or more students in AHA Blended Learning course for $85. per person for skills check at Heartstarters

You can add child/infant CPR training for additional fee and 1 hour. See course fee below.

Course fee includes student manuals/2 year AHA certification.

Two course options are listed on this page:

  • Blended (Online combined with classroom in Red) 

  • Request Custom date to train your employees only

Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED Blended Learning Program

This program combines online training with classroom skills practice and testing.

Once registered for class you will receive your course key for the online program within 24 hours. Complete the online program and print your certificate of completion then come to class for your skills testing.

Course card are accepted everywhere as skills are tested by an instructor in class.

 The Heartsaver Blended Learning program is for individuals needing CPR certification for work.

 These courses are designed to meet OSHA requirements.

This program does offer 5 hours of safety training for IDPH upon request. 

Adult CPR program with 2 hours of IDPH safety training coming soon

This class is not for Healthcare providers. Healthcare providers please see BLS Blended Learning.

Heartsaver Blended Learning course hours/course fees:

Skills practice/testing dates 2023:

Friday, December 1st, First Aid 4:30 PM, CPR at 5:00 PM

Saturday, December 2nd, First Aid 10:30 AM, CPR at 11:00 AM Saturday, December 30th,  First Aid 10:30 AM, CPR at 11:00 AM 

2024 dates

Saturday, January 13th, First Aid 10:30 AM, CPR at 11:00 AM Wednesday, January 24th, First Aid 4:30 PM, CPR at 5:00 PM

Friday, February 16th,First Aid 4:30 PM, CPR at 5:00 PM

Saturday, February 17th, First Aid 10:30 AM, CPR at 11:00 AM

Saturday, March 16th, First Aid 10:30 AM, CPR at 11:00 AM

Friday, March 22nd, First Aid 4:30 PM, CPR at 5:00 PM

Complete the online portion then come to classroom to practice skills,testing and AHA certification.


First aid with CPR Options

  • Heartsaver First Aid online portion takes 3 hrs and skills test 30 minutes. Fee is $75.00

  • Heartsaver First Aid w Adult CPR online portion takes 4 hr and skills test 60 minutes. Fee is $100.00

  • Heartsaver First Aid w Adult/Child/Infant CPR online portion takes 4.5 hours and skills test 1.5 hours. Fee is $115.00

CPR Only Options

  • Heartsaver Adult CPR Online portion takes 1 hr and skills test 30 minutes. Fee is $75.00

  • Heartsaver Adult/Child CPR Online portion takes 1.5 hours and skills test 40 minutes. Fee is $85.00 

  • Heartsaver Adult/Child/Infant CPR Online portion takes 2 hour and skills test 1 hours. Fee is $110.00

​Course fee includes all part 1, 2, and 3 of the program:

  • Online program

  • Classroom skills practice

  • Classroom skills testing. 

  • 2 year certification card

Do online study

Instructor led test

Print completion certificate and bring to class.

Business Card

Get certified

Once registration is received it may take 12-24 hours to receive your keycode. 

Complete the online portion, print out your completion certificate and bring it to class on the date you registered.

AHA Blended Learning Registration. Heartstarters will provide you with the online portion and complete the skills test. This is a Complete program.

Please note the Heartcode online program is non-refundable once you open the program. There is a $10.00 cancellation fee for the skills session.

AHA Blended Learning Registration.  You have already taken the online program and only need the skills session. Skills only

There is a $10.00 cancellation fee for the skills session.

Custom Workplace Training Adult CPR/First Aid Program

* Adult CPR/AED with First Aid, 5 hours, $75. per student  

* Adult CPR - Adult with AED, 2 hours $54. per student. 

* CPR - Adult/Child/Infant with AED, 3 hours $69. per student. 

* Adult/Child/Infant CPR/AED with First Aid, 6 hr $100. per student.

We work with your schedule

Request your own  training date for your employees here
or Register a student in current class to invoice

Thanks! Message sent.

Consider adding a pocket mask for emergencies.
Adult/Child/Infant mask $14.00 + tax if picked up in class or $21.91 shipped.
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