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AHA Heartcode ACLS

Online Blended Learning Program

 Great option for first time ACLS students or expired certification. This program combines online learning with classroom skills practice and testing. You have a current student e-manual inside your online program. Total time expected is 6.5 hours online then come for classroom practice and skills testing.

The traditional classroom course takes about 16 hours, but this class is online + 3.5 hours classroom.

Heartcode ACLS is not mandatory for renewal of current certification.


AHA Heartcode ACLS (Blended Learning Program)

Complete the online portion at your own pace. In the classroom we will review your algorithms for practice, then test out your skills. 

The course fee is $275.00 includes the AHA Heartcode ACLS online program, skills practice and testing w certification card.

The ACLS book is an Ebook included in the online portion and available to use for up to two years. 

  • If you have already taken the Heartcode ACLS program click on the dropdown arrow and choose skills only. You will need to bring your Heartcode certificate of completion with you.

  • If you want BLS renewal added there will be a break between classes you will need a current student manual and take the practical test for infant/child and the written test. You can use your student manual to take the written test. BLS renewal is $70 if you bring your manual, $96.00 if you need to purchase one in class.

  • BLS blended learning would have up to a one hour break between the ACLS and BLS due to testing times. If interested in BLS Blended learning you can register but be aware of the extra break. (You could go out for a lunch break for the 1 hour if you like! or bring a lunch and stay here.) 

        BLS blended learning renewal add on is $100.

2024 Skills Testing Dates:

These are the ACLS blended learning. BLS is not mandatory just an add on option.

See drop down box on registration form.

Friday, June 28th,  8:00-11:30 AM 

Friday, June 28th, Optional BLS class 12:30-1:00

Monday, July 1st,  8:00-11:30 AM 

Monday, July 1st, Optional BLS class 12:30-1:00

Friday, July 26th,  8:00-11:30 AM 

Friday, July 26th, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

No Classes in August - sorry on call for Jury Duty!

Thursday, September 5th,  8:00-11:30 PM 

Thursday, September 5th, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Friday, September 27th,  8:00-11:30 PM 

Friday, September 27th, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Thursday, October 10th,  8:00-11:30 PM 

Thursday, October 10th, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Friday, October 25th,  8:00-11:30 PM 

Friday, October 25th, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Friday, November 1st,  8:00-11:30 PM 

Friday, November 1st, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Thursday, November 21st, 8:00-11:30 PM 

Thursday, November 21st, Optional BLS class Add on 12:30-1:00

Additional Dates TBA

Registration and Payment Forms are below

Consider adding a pocket mask for emergencies.
Adult/Child/Infant mask $14.00 plus tax if picked up in class or $21.91 shipped w tax & shipping.

Please note the Heartcode ACLS program is non-refundable once you open the program. There is a $10.00 cancellation fee for class registrations.

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